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HTML : Importance of Heading Tags and Bold Tags

HTML Headings

How to Use Heading Tags to Get More Search Engine Traffic Heading tags and Bold tag Heading tags <h1> to <h6> and bold tag <b>. These tags hold a special importance in SEO. Let us understand why?  Importance of Heading Tags and Bold Tags : Let us go back to our school days where teacher used to give us the ...

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Anchor Tags – Importance of Anchor Texts for Backlinks

Importance of Anchor Text

How the Web Uses Anchor Text in Internal Linking & Link Building  Anchor Tags  You might be aware of what is an anchor tag or tag, now we will learn the power of tag in SEO. Anchor tag is basically used for linking from one webpage to another. Related to anchor tag is anchor text. Anchor text is something which ...

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What are Meta Tags – 5 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have


What are Meta Tags and How important are meta tags ? Meta Tags  First let us understand what is “metadata”. Metadata is data about data. It is the additional information about the displayed data like, author name, region, keywords description etc. Webpages makes use of metadata in the form of meta tags. Meta tags are generally found in the head ...

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Title Tag :10 Tips for Creating an Optimized Title

Title Tag

Title : How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization One of the most important factor that a search engine crawler considers is the title of the webpage. We should always use our primary keywords in the title tag atleast once. The keywords should be placed at the start of the title. 10 Tips for Title Tag Optimization Following are 10 tips that will ...

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Code-to-Content Ratio:How to maintain code-to-content ratio?

How to maintain code-to-content ratio

Code-to-Content Ratio Now we will move into more technical terms related to placement of content. Everyone knows what we mean by ratio, it is comparison of one element to another. When we discuss code-to-content ratio, it is the amount of code with respect to the actual viewable amount of content on the webpage. When we code our webpage, always try ...

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Content – Heart and Soul of SEO & Your Website


Website Content Planning | What Content Google Wants??? Content – Heart of SEO What do you mean by content? Content is basically the heart of your webpage and it is the most important ON-page factor for the SEO. Content is the matter or the data which you put on the webpage for the visitors to read and make your visitor stay on your ...

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How to Choose a Good Domain Name :Advanced SEO Tips

How to Choose a Good Domain Name Advanced SEO Tips

 Selection of Domain Name and URL Now after researching all our keywords for which we are going to optimize our webpages, the next important step is selection of  URL  i.e. address of your webpage. • URL containing keywords : Google gives importance to the url’s containing keywords. For example, if our main keyword after the K.E.I. analysis is herbal products, then ...

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Keyword Selection Strategies : Important Factors for Keywords

keywordss tools

Keyword Optimization: Important Factors for Keywords Now, as we are familiar with terms related to content and keywords let us now concentrate on factors related to keywords which are important for proper keyword placement in the content of the webpage. Let us discuss all the factors now, •    Keyword Prominence : Prominence is a measure of keyword importance that indicates how close ...

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Keyword Research Tool -How to Select Highly Effective SEO Keywords

keyword search tool

  Choosing the Best Keywords for Your Website -SEO Tips & Tricks Keyword Research  Keyword/ Key phrase is the term which the user types in the search box of search engines to get the relevant information.You will have to choose the most appropriate keywords for your webpages you want to optimize and make proper bifurcations throughout the website. There are various factors involved in ...

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All About The Mystery Of SEO


Mystery of SEO? Now let’s understand the mystery of SEO. We use the term mystery because SEO is a concept which works on the various algorithms used by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Those algorithms are not known to general public. To master the art of SEO, wee require ability of trying out new ideas and learning from the ...

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