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Auditing |


Auditor’s Report | Auditing Notes

Describe the contents of an audit report ? What do you understand by clean audit report ? What do you understand by qualified audit report ? Discuss the circumstances which warrants of a qualified report to the shareholders of a company ? Write a detail notes on the contents of statuary report and the scope of statuary audit ? What ...

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Divisible profit | Auditing Notes

Explain in detail the difficulties in determination of “Divisible profit”? OR  What are the divisible profit? What should be the guiding principles in determining the divisible profit?  

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Internal Control, Internal Check and Internal Audit | Auditing Notes

What is internal Control? Clearly distinguish between Internal Check, Internal Audit and Internal Control. (a) Point out the essential features of a good systems of internal control. (b) Discuss what interest does an auditor has in internal control. (OR) For what purpose does an independent auditor review a client’ system of Internal control. (a) describes the methods required to review ...

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Auditing: Principles and Techniques | Auditing Notes

What do you understand by Audit Techniques. List the types of audit Techniques and write note on them. a) what do you understand by Audit Techniques and Audit Evidence? Vouching is the essence of Audit? Discuss. What points should be considered while examine the voucher’s of a company? Explain the importance of an accurate valuation of inventory. List steps for ...

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Audit Evidence | Auditing Notes

What is meant by audit evidence. List the types of audit evidence available to an auditor and explain any two of them in detail? What should be the auditor’s attitude in collecting evidence? What are the Difficulties faced by the auditor in collecting evidence?

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Audit Programmes and Procedures | Auditing Notes

What is an Audit Programme? List the factors you would bear in mind in constructing an Audit Programme? Audit Working papers are the property of an auditor and he destroys them, sell them or give them away? Criticize this quotations? What are the essentials of Good Working Papers?

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Audit Working Papers | Auditing Notes

What is meant by audit working papers, Explain fully the significance and contents of working papers. Describe the purpose and importance of Audit working papers? Discus the procedure to investigate in case of suspected fraud, fluctuation in profit.

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