Briefly discuss the works of Edmund Spenser?


He was a poet in the Elizabethan period, considered the best after Shakespeare. He modeled his verse on Geoffrey Chaucer – tried to imitate his language and continue the past, not break from it. The works: - The Shepherd’s Calendar: o 12 monthly eclogues, which contain pastoral dialogues, monologues and allegories o Stock characters take place in the work; the ...

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Analytical Reasoning – Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers

Analytical Reasoning Practice Aptitude Questions with Explanation --- Practice Tests Online Analytical Reasoning Question is designed to test the analytical skills. Usually, each logical reasoning question is a logical puzzle, based on given conditions. These questions have only one correct answer, which is asked to be selected. Analytical reasoning questions consist of groups of four or five questions. At begging, ...

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A Guide to UHS MCAT (Important Informations)

What is the UHS MCAT entrance test based on? What is the format for the UHS entrance test, is it all MCQ questions? Each correct answer scores +5, each wrong one scores -1 (negative marking)? When should you start preparing for MCAT? How to Prepare for MCAT? Keep a backup choice. Do apply to CMH, LMDC, Fatima Memorial and Shifa etc…. Where ...

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2nd Year Physics Notes ( All Chapters)

Short Questions with Answers   Electrostatics View Current Electricity View Electromagnetism View Electromagnetic Induction View Alternating Current View Physics of Solids View Electronics View Dawn of Modern Physics View Atomic Spectra View Nuclear Physics View

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Physics Notes Short Questions “ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION”

Q. .1 What is induced-emf ? Q. 2 What is induce current ? Q. 3 What is electromagnet induction ? Q. 4 Define motional emf? Q.5 State Faradays’ law of  electromagnetic induction ? Q. 6 What is the effect of the relative  motion of the loop and magnet and to magnetic flux through the I00p? Q. 7′ What is the SI unit  of motional emf’?

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Physics Notes Short Questions “NUCLEAR PHYSICS”

Q. 1 What is nuclear physics ? Q. 2 What is the size (diameter) of an atom ? Q. 3 What is the size (diameter) of nucleus ? Q. 4 What is nucleus ? Q. 5 Who discovered a nucleus ? Q. 6 What is the mass of an electron in unified mass scale ? Q. 7 What is the ...

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Physics Short Questions “Dawn of Modern Physics” Notes

Q.1 What is relative motion? Q. 2 What is difference between rest and motion ? Q. 3 What is a frame of reference ? Q. 4 What is an inertial frame of reference ? Q. 5 What is non-inertial fame of reference ? Q. 6 What is modern physics’? Q. 7 What is special theory of relativity ? Q. 8 ...

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Physics Short Questions “ELECTRONICS” Notes

Q. 1 What is electronics ? Q. 2-What is p-type substance ? Q. 3 What is n-type substance ? Q. 4 What is a p-n junction ? Q. 5 When a p-n junction is formed ? Q. 6 What is the net charge on the n-type and p‑ type substance ? Q. 7 What is depletion region? Q. 8 What is ...

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Physics Short Questions “PHYSICS OF SOLIDS” Notes

Q. 1 What is a solid ? Q. 2 What is a crystalline solid ? Q.3 Whether atoms, ions or molecules ? Q. 4 What is an amorphous solid ? Q. 5 What are polymeric solid ? Q. 6 What is meant by the word amorphous ? Q.7 Define crystal lattice ? Q. 8 What is cohesive force ? Q. 9 ...

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