Microsoft (MS) Word :Features & Commands with their functionality

Normal(Normal View of Page)

Web Layout (Web View of Page)

Print Layout (Print View of Page)

Outline (Outline View of Page)

Toolbars ( Toolbars can be Added and Removed due toRequirements)

Ruler (Ruler is used for measurement of page)

Document Map (All Heading of Document will be shown in Left side ofthe page)

Header and Footer (Header Text will be displayed on top of EachPage and Footer Text will be displayed on Bottom of Each Page)

Footnotes (Meanings of difficult words)

Comments (Explanation about something)

Full Screen (Text will be Shown on Full Screen) Zoom (Large Size of Text Due to Requirement)


Break (We can Insert Page break, Column break, Text wrapping breakand section breaks)

Page Numbers (Can Apply numbering on Pages) Date and Time (Date and Time can be Inserted) Auto Text (Text can be inserted automatically) Symbol (Insert a Symbol)

Cross-Reference (It is the Reference Text to other location) Caption (It is just like Heading of Selected Text)

Picture (We can insert Picture, Stylish Text, Draw Chart and RequiredShapes)

Text Box (Just like a box in which we can write something) File (Add already saved file in current file)

Object (By using Object you can open and create document of someother application)

Book Mark (It’s a shortcut to access your required place) Hyper Link (It is the reference text to access other location)


Font (Can Change Text style, size, Effects and Character Spacing)

Paragraph (Formatting of Paragraph)

Bullets and Numbering (Outlines can be applied to text)

Border and Shading (we can apply border and shading to text, pageand paragraph)

Columns (Text can be written in multiple columns)

Tabs (Set Blank Spaces)

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