2nd Year Chemistry Notes — All (1 to 16 )Chapters

Here the easiest and complete notes of Chemistry 1 to 16 chapters with solved exercises are given for the help of students of 2nd year F.Sc Part II, and for MCAT & ECAT , ‘A’ & ‘O’ Level , CBSE students….

“Periodic Classification of Elements & Periodicity”

“S- Block Elements”

“Group IIIA and Group IVA Elements”

“Group VA and Group VIA Elements”

“The Halogens and The Noble Gases”

“Transition Elements”

“Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry”

“Aliphatic Hydrocarbons”

“Aromatic Hydrocarbons “

“Alkyl Halides “

“Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers”

“Aldehydes and Ketones”

“Carboxylic Acids”


“Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan”

 “Environmental Chemistry”

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