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seoMystery of SEO?

Now let’s understand the mystery of SEO. We use the term mystery because SEO is a concept which works on the various algorithms used by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Those algorithms are not known to general public. To master the art of SEO, wee require ability of trying out new ideas and learning from the experience. Basically, SEO is about changing the HTML code as well as the structure of the website in such a way that the search engine robot (SE robot is explained in the following topic) reads the webpage and understand that the page contains valuable information and content related to the keywords.

For ABC Pharmaceuticals if their keywords are ayurvedic medicines and herbal products then their webpages should have content related to those keywords. In this way the website will get ranked higher and have maximum SE visibility. SEO is also about improving the link popularity i.e. number of links from other high-ranked pages to your site.
In ABC’s case it will require to have links from various pharmaceutical directories and other pharma related websites.
Link popularity is a vital ranking factor. SEO is making the webpage appear in top of the organic/ natural search engine results.

Top 3 Search EnginesSearch Engines (SE)

So, now we will move on to the most important aspect of SEO i.e. the Search Engine (SE). This is actually the playground for the SEO. Understanding the working of search engines is the core part of SEO. Search Engine will be the place where all the activities will take place, right from visitor typing the keyword, then the search in the database and finally the display of relevant results all takes place here.
Top 3 Search Engines
when we speak of top search engines in the world, the first name that strikes us is Google. Apart from Google there are two other search engines namely Yahoo and Bing. So the top three search engines are

• Google
• Yahoo
• Bing

Whenever one tries to optimize a website, the target is always the Google Search Engine as it holds the maximum, more than 60% of world searches. There are very small differences in the methods of optimizing the website for other two search engines.

Search Engine SpiderSearch Engine Spider/Crawler
Every Search engine has their spiders or crawlers which goes through the web pages and accordingly maintains the database of relevant data. There is an algorithm of individual search engines which guides the crawlers and assesses the quality of webpages. During the first visit, crawler does not yet know which words your page relate to!

By reading your HTML code, the spider (which is just a computer program) tries to fetch the exact words that make up the theme of your website.



se indexSearch Engine Index
After spider reads the pages, it will compress them in a way that is convenient to store in a giant repository called Search Engine Index.
Search Engine Index is the place where all mapping of keywords and related information is stored.
In our ABC Pharmaceuticals website we would like the search engine spider to crawl our website in such a way that it creates index related to words such as herbal products, ayurvedic medicines etc.


Depending on the quality of index created and various other on-page and off-page factors , the position is given to the page i.e rank. This process is called Ranking.
Rank plays an important part on the search engine visibility of the webpage for the relevant keywords.
Every smart SEO professional starts his or her career by looking at web pages with the eye of search engine crawler.
SE ranks “pages” not “sites” .

Alexa Rank
Alexa is a web information company, and provides vital stats about the website. Alexa allots unique ranking to individual websites appearing on the internet.
The alexa rank is important because the search engine visibility is directly proportional to alexa rank of the website i.e. Better the alexa rank, better will be the search engine visibility of the website for the relevant keywords.
You should always keep track of your website’s alexa rank and try to improve it day by day by using various SEO methods. Alexa rank boosts the overall search engine ranking of the website.

Google DanceGoogle Dance
Google dance is basically updating of Google’s cache of all indexed pages. It is major updation of all search engine results and all factors are taken into consideration during this update.
The fact that many rankings and positions gets changed after this process, therefore it is called as Google dance.
But we do not have to worry about Google dance as all the methods mentioned in this tutorial are as per the norms no spamming is involved.

Factors important for optimizing website
Apart from the On-page and OFF-page factors which are helpful in SEO, there are certain factors which are very vital in optimization of the website.
When you start optimizing a website, do keep in mind the following factors,

• Page Rank: – Page rank as we discussed earlier is the ranking given to the webpage by the search engine depending on the quality and genuineness of the webpage with respect to the keywords.
•  Anchor Text :– It is the text which is displayed for a link. You should always try to use the important keywords in the anchor text. Crawler gives preference to keywords used in the anchor text.
• Semantics :- Last but by no means the least, Semantics of a web page is vital for SEO. It refers to meaning of the keywords and their relationships within the webpage. You should always try to fill the content with meanings of the keywords you are optimizing and use it properly.

Algorithms related to Search EnginesAlgorithms related to Search Engines

There are two important algorithms related to the Search Engines which every SEO professional must be aware of and use them for their SEO strategies.

• Hilltop
Hilltop is an algorithm that was created in 1999. basically it looks at the relationship between “Expert” and “Authority” pages. Now what’s this? Don’t worry here is the explanation, an “expert” is a page that links to lots of other relevant documents. An “authority” is a page that has link pointing it from the “expert” pages.
For example, in case of ABC pharmaceuticals when some pharmaceutical directory link to ABC’s website then that directory will be the expert page and ABC’s page will be the authority page.
You should always try to get more links pointing to your webpage rather than links going out from your webpage.

• Sandbox
Sandbox refers to Google’s algorithm which detects how old your webpage is and how long it has been updated.
We call it as domain age. Domain age is important as older the domain, better is the ranking and SE visibility.



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