An application to your Principal for Apology

Write an application to your Principal begging him to excuse you regarding the complaint of rudeness lodged against you.
The Principal,
Govt. College,
Subject: APOLOGY
Respected Sir,
With due respect I beg to state that worthy  class incharge lodged a complaint of rudeness against me in your office yesterday. The fact is that I was sitting in the ground of college. Usman and Ali my friends and class-fellows came to me. They began to push and drag me towards the canteen. So that I should treat them with cool drink, because on the other day I got the first prize in the race competition. They were not at fault. I promised them to treat them if I got first prize. Unfortunately at that time I had not enough money so I was hesitant to entertain them. At that moment Prof Umar passed by, he thought that we were fighting and creating disturbance in the college. Usman and Ali ran from that spot so I was stood responsible for creating disturbance. In the light of these circumstances I earnestly beg apology and assure you sir that this will never happen again.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Your obediently,
Subhan Khan
Class lst year
Roll No, I 90
August 2, 2014


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