Anchor Tags – Importance of Anchor Texts for Backlinks

How the Web Uses Anchor Text in Internal Linking & Link Building 

anchor-text-importanceAnchor Tags 

You might be aware of what is an anchor tag or tag, now we will learn the power of tag in SEO. Anchor tag is basically used for linking from one webpage to another.

Related to anchor tag is anchor text. Anchor text is something which is displayed on the webpage and by clicking on which we navigate through the website.

 Importance of Anchor Text : Anchor text is actually text of the links that points to your page. To optimize the webpage we should try to use the keywords in the anchor text. This has two benefits, firstly it increases the keyword density of the webpage and secondly keyword in the anchor text improves the index and makes the search engine crawler understand that the website is genuine and contains data related to keywords.

Again the same rule applies, we should not stuff all the anchor text with the keywords, we should also maintain webpage’s looks and content. Over stuffing may result in spam.We can make use of anchor text in footer of the webpage, in top paragraphs and even in navigation menus, if we use text links, the anchor text can be very beneficial.

• Title for Anchor Text : Along with anchor text, the tag has attribute called “title”. This title is the text which is displayed when the mouse over happens over the anchor text. Here also we can include keywords related to anchor text and can also provide information of the connected link.

Let us take an example, we have two pages one the home page and other inner page on ayurvedic medicines. Mostly we come across anchor text such as “read more” , instead of this we can use “more about ayurvedic medicines” , similarly “about us” link can be written as “about ayurvedic medicines” etc. In the content also, when we make use of keywords, make those keywords the anchor text so that it optimizes the webpage and finally the website further. Use the title attributes also accordingly related to the link it points to.

• Link Structure : It is basically the structure of the website. Link structure is nothing but account of the links coming in to the webpage and the links going out of the webpage pointing to other pages. While preparing the link structure, keep in mind that all those pages in the website which we are not optimizing for our main keywords have the links pointing to our main pages. Conversely our main pages should have less number of links pointing out to other pages which are not going to be optimized. Always we should try to maintain the balance of inbound and outbound links.

For example the index page which is the most important page, should not have more than two links (navigation and footer) for the contact us page (page not optimized). We should avoid all such kind of links in the content.

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