Application to complaint about the unsanitary condition of your locality

Write an application to complaint about the unsanitary condition of your locality.
The Chairman,
Municipal Corporation,

Dear Sir, `
I am sorry to point out that our locality is very much in a neglected, miserable condition, Once a satellite village of the city, it is now an integral part of Lahore. It has a number of schools, dispensaries, mosques and shopping centers. It is one of the most densely populated parts of the city. Yet, it is a pity that its internal roads are broken with pits of water here and there. The sweepers are idle and careless and do not do their duty. The heaps of refuse greet us everywhere. In rainy season, it is so slippery here that the children and adults find it difficult to go out and come in. The drains are always over-flowing, The flies and mosquitoes have their breeding centers. No wonder if the place has become malaria,
Should I hope that you will look into the matter personally, inspect the place and improve the sad state of affairs?

Your faithfully,
X .Y . Z

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