Application to principal to arrange computer class & its benefits

Write an application to the principal of your college asking him to arrange a weekly computer class for the students of your class (Xl year pre-medical). Also describe how it will benefit the students.

The Principal,
A.B .C
Respected Sir, 
It is stated that we are the students of  1st year pre-medical class in this college and, as your honour knows, Computer Science is not included in our course. It has been since long that the students of our class have been buzzing about their want of computer know-how. All the day long, we are to undergo transiting insects and doing their dissection, Fine, Sir! That is the demand of our held of study. But on the other hand, computer literacy is the cry of the day. Everyone is hunting computer literacy. All written teaming is being transferred to computer discs and floppies which need disillusionment on our part.
It is almost the start of our academic session, and just a single computer class in n week will suffice to meet our requirement i.e. to know the rudiments of computer science. For us, computer will prove a window to the valuable treasure of learning. With it, our teaming will magnify and all the constraints of book and notebook will partly vanish. Moreover computer skill ensures chatting, mailing and on-line transaction.

We earnestly request to kindly open this window to the students of our class and arrange a weekly computer class for the students of our class so that they might be bewildered by the profound learning lying in computer characters. We also request to kindly brief the computer instructor to keep in mind the scant supply of time and the depth of the subject.

I assure you Sir that the said instructor will find the students zealous and responsive.
With applause and gratitude.
Yours sincerely,
The Students of
Xl Pre-Medical class,
Date: May 9, 2014

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