Application to the Chairman of Municipal Committee against stray dogs

Write an application to the Chairman of Municipal Committee against stray dogs describing the havoc they play in broad daylight.

The Chairman,
Municipal Committee,


Respected Sir,
It is respectfully stated that we, the citizens of Risalpur are faced with a grave problem “stray dogs. As you know Sir, Risalpur is an undersized city surrounded by big chunks of unkempt land, so the presence of stray dogs is not unnatural, At first everyone thought that s(he) will get used to them or will be able to cope with these dogs somehow. But it wasn’t until some serious incidents took place.
Dear Sir, the monstrous creatures have really made our lives lamentable and wretched. At night they often jump out from behind a bush and thereby searing passers-bye and in some cases they don‘t settle down for anything less than a bite. Just two days back, there was a car accident in which the driver swerved his car suddenly to avoid collision with a stray dog. The car toppled over and the driver succumbed to the unmerciful injuries. The sight was heart-rending. Sometimes these dogs go mad and endanger human lives. Even in daylight they keep us aware of their presence by chasing us when they come to the backyards for leftovers.

Respected sir, we are confined to our houses and our safety has been endangered. We request that something effective may kindly be done in this respect to ensure our well being, I also assure you that the people of the locality will cooperate with your staff.
We shall be highly thankful to you for this consideration.
Yours truly,
The citizens of X.Y.Z
Date: May 9, 2014


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