Applications and Uses of Computer in Different Areas



  • Computer plays very important role in our lives.
  • A computer is faster and more accurate than people.
  • It can solve many problems of human life.
  • Major areas of applications are


  • Computer is very useful tool in the field of education.
  • Use of computer has become spread from primary to university level.
  • A large variety of tutorial programs are available for students.
  • Students can get online Certifications/Diplomas.

Word Processing:

  • Word processing software’s are used for preparing documents and reports.
  • These packages provide facilities to user
  • Store
  • Edit
  • Format
  • Spell Check Print (etc.)


  • Computer technology has good impact on retail stores.
  • Many shops have replaced cash register with computer system.
  • Modern retail stores use Bar Code Reader.
  • A Bar Code Reader reads the bar code printed on each product which contains price and brief description of product.


  • Online Business is called E-Commerce.
  • It provide facilities for sale of Goods

Services such as Banking, Ticket Reservation, Stock Exchange (etc.)

Electronic Banking:

  • Electronic banking has many benefits such as Deposits,Withdrawals,Bank Statements
  • ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) are used world wide to get cash instantly.

Computer in Medical Field:

  • Computers are used in modern hospitals to perform a variety of task, such as To keep up-to-date Records of Patients & Monitoring Instruments
  • Body scanners are used to diagnose patient for diseases

Weather Forecasting:

  • Modern weather forecast is produced by using computer system. Computer used to collect data about Air Pressure Humidity & Temperature Wind Speed & Cloud Cover

Computer Graphics:

  • Computer graphics plays very important role in Printing products Scientific Research Advertisement Entertainment (etc.)
  • Powerful graphics packages are available to draw, shade and manipulate images.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing:

  • Computers are widely used in manufacturing firms to perform design and production of products.
  • This technology is called CAD (Computer Aided Design).
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).












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