Applications of Organic polymers (Formaldehyde |Phenolics)

Applications of Organic polymers (Formaldehyde |Phenolics)

  1. A number of industrial applications are based on the excellent adhesive properties and bonding strength of the phenolics.

  2. Phenolies are widely used in the production of ion exchange resins, with amine, sulfonic acid, hydroxyl or phosphoric acid functional group.

  3. Phenolic resins are widely used in varnishes, electrical insulation and other protective coating.

  4. The ability of phenolic resins to withstand at very high temperatures is important for their use in messile nose cones.

  5. Phenolic products arc outstanding heat resistance, dimensional stability and resistance to cold flow. They are widely used for their good dielectric properties in electrical, automotive, radio and -television and appliance parts.

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