Black Tea Treatment For Shiny Silky Darker Hair

Benefits of black tea for hair:
Reduces shedding.
Adds shine
Softens hair.
Darkens hair.


Black tea may even be used to promote hair growth, slow down hair fall, restore shine & color to your hair. Black tea helps to darken your hair & also give it luster. Black tea has caffeine that penetrates in to the hair follicles & stimulate hair growth. It can save hairs which are being damaged with shampoos that contain plenty of chemicals.

A hair rinse is a very cheap way to treat & strengthen hair & scalp. Rinse out your hair using black tea. While black tea can reduce breakage & stimulate hair growth.

How to do a tea rinse?

. Before you prepare for your shower, brew a cup of black tea. Add three or four tea bags to cups of boiled water & let it steep for a an hour.

. Leave it on for at least minutes & up to 20-30 minutes.

. Use a color applicator bottle or spray bottle to apply the tea to your scalp.

. Shampoo & condition as usual.

. You can also use green tea as a natural hair spray for hair growth.

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