Bus Topology or Linear Topology


Bus Topology or Linear Topology o Star TopologyBus Topology:

  • All Computers will be attached with a long cable called a Bus or Trunk or Back bone cable.
  • Multi-Point Communication.
  • No security of data.
  • Not recommended for large or sensitive networks.
  • T-Connectors and Terminators are used.
  • It uses Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) technology for data transmission.

Advantages are

  1. o       Least amount of Cabling of any topology.
  2. o       Suitable for small network
  3. o       Adding additional nodes is easy

Disadvantages are

  1. o       If main Cable breaks, then whole Network will goes down.
  2. o       If any link goes down, then network will goes down.
  3. o       Only one medium for Data Transmission so Transmission Speed is very slow.
  4. o       Terminators are requires at the both ends.

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