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How to Remove Dandruff & Lice From Hair – بالوں کی خشکی جوؤں سے نجات

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Hair Mask For Dry, Brittle and Damaged Hair

Cinnamon has been used for hundreds of years in Ayurveda medicines. Cinnamon is obtainable as an ingredient in lots of hair care products as it is said to help with hair growth. It is a natural and cheap way to treat hair loss ,dry, dandruff  and brittle hair. Cinnamon oil may even be used to massage in to the scalp ...

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Black Tea Treatment For Shiny Silky Darker Hair

Benefits of black tea for hair: Reduces shedding. Adds shine Softens hair. Darkens hair. Black tea may even be used to promote hair growth, slow down hair fall, restore shine & color to your hair. Black tea helps to darken your hair & also give it luster. Black tea has caffeine that penetrates in to the hair follicles & stimulate ...

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