BSc Physics Mechanics Notes

Download Notes: Particle Dynamics (Chapter 1) Work and Energy (Chapter 2) Conservative forces (Chapter 3) System of Particles (Chapter 4) Collisions (Chapter 5)

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Sample Letter to a Newspaper Editor on Social Issues

Examination Hall, A.B.C. (City). June 10,2015. The Editor, The Dawn, Lahore. The Managing Director, A.B.C. Company, Lahore. Every one know——————– is really a devastating issue in our society .So, kindly allow me to use some space of your esteemed paper to highlight the problem of ——————-.I feel that this problem has reached an alarming stage. ———– is truly a decimating ...

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Easy English Grammar Rules: Parts of Speech

Easy English Grammar Rules: Nine Parts of Speech : These are articles, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections .These rules are very helpful for 9th,10th, 11 and 12 classes & for MCAT ,ECAT  and all entry tests preparations….

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2nd Year English Notes Important Synonym/Vocabulary

2nd Year English  Notes Very Easy and Simple: Important Synonyms to Get Through /Pass Annual Exams ( Guess) 1. Each star makes its voyage in complete loneliness. (a) Journey (b) Restlesness (c) Address (d) Satisfaction 2. The universe earth gave birth to life. (a) Produce (b) Get (c) Achieve (d) Acquire 3. It is important to remember the rarity of ...

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