Physics Short Questions “ALTERNATING CURRENT” Notes

Q. 1 Define direct current (D.C) ? Q. 2 Define alternating current (A.C) ? Q. 3 Why alternating current keeps on changing its direction with time ? Q. 4 Define time period of an alternating voltage ? Q. 5 If ‘T’ is the time period of an AC then find the frequency of an A.C ? Q. 6 What is the most ...

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Physics Short Questions “ELECTROMAGNETISM” Notes

Q. 1 Define magnetic field ? Q. 2 What is line of magnetic force ? Q. 3 Explain the magnetic filed due to current’? Q. 4 What is right hand rule ? Q 5 When do magnetic line of force become clockwise ? Q. 6 When do magnetic lines of force become anti-clockwise ? Q. 7  An isolated magnetic not possible How can we have ...

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Physics Short Questions “CURRENT ELECTRICITY” Notes

Q. 1 Define electric current ? Q. 2 What is the SI unit of current ? Q. 3 Define ampere ? Q. 4 What are the charge carries in electrolyte ? Q. 5 Explain flow of current through electrolyte ? Q. 6 What are the charge carriers in Cu2SO4 solution ? Q. 7 Give the Mathematical expression of current and its unit ? ...

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Discuss Renaissance prose,who were its main authors?

  Renaissance – roughly 1485-1660 The most known/influential authors of Renaissance prose were: – Sir Francis Bacon o Essays o The Advancement of Learning o Novum Organum o New Atlantis – Richard Hooker o Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity – Sir Thomas More o Utopia – Sir Walter Raleigh o The Discovery of Guiana o The History of the World – ...

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