Introduction to Computers: Hardware and Software

COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE: Computer Hardware: All parts of a computer which we can See and Touch are called Hardware. OR All Physical parts of a computer are called computer hardware. Examples: Mouse, CD, Cables, Monitor, Keyboard (etc) Computer Software: “Computer programs are called software”. A computer program is a set of instructions to solve a particular problem. Firmware is ...

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Introduction to Information Technology (Basic Concepts )

  What is a Computer? Computer is an electronic device that takes some Input, Process it and display Output. Input: Any Work/Command given to computer is called input.   Processing: Action of computer on given commands is called Processing. Output: Result of computer according to given input is called output. What is Information Technology (IT)? IT is the use of ...

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MCAT Help – How to Prepare for MCAT (Effective Studying Tips)

Make Diagrammatic Notes Diagrammatic notes can be a very effective method in your revision. 1. We can summarize the ideas in your own Words, or by condensing them into a diagram, map or chart. 2. Our brain like to see things in shapes or patterns and We can remember patterns more easily than abstract entries or designs. 3. Diagrams allow ...

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