Cement industry has great significance in the development programs of a  country. Pakistan is developing country and there is much scope for the expansion of cement industry. At the time of partition in 1942, there were four plants producing 3,30,000 tone of cement every year.

                                                   In 1956, Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (P.I.D.C.) set up cement plants at Daud Khal and Hyderabad. The development of cement industry depends on the mutual efforts of  public and private sectors.

                                             In 1972, the cement industry, was taken over by the Government and until 1978 cement industry had the domain of the public sector controlled by state cement corporation. The situation is now changed with the advent of private sector, which competes with the State cement corporation. Some of the state controlled cement factories have been privatized. Some new plants are being installed in the private sector. The country is likely to achieve self-sufficiency in cement.

The location of some of the well known cement factories and their production capacity are given below:

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