Ceramic Applications (Industrial & Household)

Ceramic Applications (Industrial & Household)

1. When ceramics objects are mixed with other materials, the resulting material shows greater toughness. Such a mixture of ceramic and other materials called Ceramic Composite. The temperature limits of such bonded materials are exceedingly high; therefore, they are used for aerospace hardware such as heat shields and rockat nozzles.

  1. A mixture of ceramic and metallic components is known as “cemiets” which is very hard and greater weights and is used in lining for brakes and clutches and also non lubricating bearings in the temperature rangeofrom 370 to 815C°.

  2. Ceramic fibers are used for thermal insulation, for zone curtains in annealing furnaces and for high temperature, low voltage wiring circuits of space and aircraft equipment.

  3. Ceramic fibers reinforced metals, metal impregnated ceramics, ceramic-reinforced plastics and metal-ceramic laminates have been developed and to withstand high temperatures.

  4. Ferromagnetic ceramic materials are used in electrical devices such as television sets, computers, magnetic switches, transformers, recorders and memory devices.

  1. Ceramic composites are widely used in cutting tool equipment. For example. cast iron and nickel alloys can be cut with composite of alumina and silicon.

  2. Ceramic oxides containing copper, lanthanum and barium show superconducting behavior. They find applications in elect,-;cal generators and electric motors.

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