Characteristics of Great Content

Things that Completely Ruin Your Content

In this article I am going to share with  you “how to make your content alluring and delightful”, however here I will advise how not to destroy it. So what are you sitting tight for? We ought to make the plunge.

Here are the characteristics of great content:

1. New

New content  is the most ideal approach to accomplish the freshness you require on your site. Blogs, interviews,news,articles and eBooks can all be published consistently to guarantee that you continually have new substance on your website.

2. Revived

Notwithstanding distributed new content, you can likewise revive old substance to get more life (read: more online visits) out of the content you’ve officially contributed noteworthy time making. Simply make sure that you roll out enough critical improvements to indicator to the search engines that this content is revived. Simply moving around a few sentences and supplanting a couple of words won’t do it.

3. Quality

Quality! Verify you’re being insightful and sensible and that the work you distribute is free of mistakes. Check for spelling and guarantee that any inside and outside connections work legitimately. In case you’re utilizing a content administration framework that can check for broken connections post-distributed, make certain you run your broken connections report intermittently. You can’t control when outer connections break, however you could rush to uncover them and fix them.

4. Emphasis

Time is cash and cash is Time, don’t go over your sentences and expressions. Rather, make long sentences, short and precise. Emphasis does waste your time and make your substance/content amazingly exhausting.

5. Short & Long Substance

As I have said that Time is cash, endeavor to keep the length of your Substance from 400 to 600 words. Don’t form short articles that does not pass on full information and abstain from composing long articles that will exhaust your readers.

6. Unique

Above all else, if you are propelled by other individuals’ work, verify you provide for them credit. At last, paying little mind to your wellspring of persuasion, verify you’re giving something unique enough to be worth another person’s chance to peruse it.


Making new, quality substance is key to emerge among the various substance being made and get the consideration of your intended interest group.


Things that Completely Ruin Your Content

1. Neglecting Title

Various bloggers attempt to compose articles just for the sole reason for making. They don’t use more than 5 seconds on choosing their Article Title. While the Title of an Article is much the same as its Spine, nobody will attempt to open your Article if the title is not appealing enough.

2. Spelling & Linguistic Mix-ups

Spelling Errors will make you look dumb before readers. Missteps will totally change the importance of your content. It will make your Substance/content hard to get it.

3. No Arranging

Your website ought to be easy to use and additionally your substance should be smoothly intelligible too. In case your substance is not suitably arranged then it will be troublesome for readers to examine it so they will essentially close the tab and take off. Check that your substance is totally obvious.

4. Keywords Stuffing

It irritates your followers as well as make you look suspicious before Google . Thickness that focus the nature of your website. So in case you are used to stuff your substance with keywords then you better stop overall otherwise Google will punish your site.


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