Characteristics of Lyophobic and Lyophilic Colloids

Lyophobic Colloids Lyophilic Colloids


-Lyophilic colloids very stable and  are not easily coagulated by electrolytes.

I. These are generally unstable, get
easily coagulated on adding electrolytes.
2. These sols are irreversible in nature.2. These sols are reversible in nature.
3. Prepared by indirect methods.
  1. Usually prepared by simple solution
  4.Viscosity of colloidal dispersion is same as that of the solvent.
4. These are highly viscous systems.
5.                        These      are      generally    inorganicmaterials i.e. metals, sulphide and5. Mostly organic materials e.g., starch, proteins, gums etc.
oxide sols.6. Particles may have little or no charge
6. Particles carry liositive or negative charge and stability depends onat all.
Zeta potential.7. Surface tension is lower than that of
7. Surface tension is similar to that ofthe dispersion medium.
the dispersion medium.8. The particles present cannot he easily
8. The particles present can easily bedetected in the ultra microscope.
detected in the ultra microscope.9. Examples; gum or starch in water.
9. Examples;      Sulphur   inwater.

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