Chaucer : Father of English Poetry


Chaucer is the father of English poetry and even the father of English writing, we comprehensively imply that his commitment to the development of English verse or writing is a great deal more huge than that of his counterparts and antecedents.

He has been acclaimed as the first realist, first humorist, the first account craftsman, the first extraordinary character painter, and the first incredible metrical craftsman in English writing. Further he has been credited the parenthood of English verse as well as been hailed as the father of English dramatization before the show was conceived, and the father of English novel before the novel was conceived.

What’s more in addition, his imperatives is not because of priority alone, however because of incredibleness.

Contribution  To Language

Before Chaucer English dialect was partitioned into various vernaculars. Them four immensely more conspicuous than the others were:

(1) The Southern (2) The Midland (3) The Northern (4) The Kentish

Chaucer utilized in his work the East Midland dialects.

Not just was Chaucer’s determination of one dialect out of four an upbeat one, however so was his choice of one of the three dialects which were authoritative preeminent in England around then Latin, French, and English. Actually Latin and French were more elegant than the poor vernacular English.

Contribution To Versification

‘With him is conceived our genuine verse’, says Mathew Arnold.

The essential peculiarities of the old measure which Chaucer repudiated were:

1. Unpredictability in the amount of syllables in each one line
2. The utilization of similar sounding word
3. The nonappearance of end-rimes
4. Regular reiteration to express intensity and force of feeling

Chaucer substituted the consistent lines with end-rime. His lines had same number of  syllables and there were unlucky deficiency of similar sounding word usage and successive reiteration. Not just this, Chaucer appears to be the first Englishman who acknowledged and brought out the idle music of his dialect.

The Content Of Poetry

Not just did he give English verse another dress, however another body and another soul. His significant commitment to the substance of verse is in his strict adherence to authenticity. His Canterbury Tales encapsulates another exertion ever, as it strictly manages genuine men, conduct, and life, which, before Chaucer, was needing in verse.

Chaucer’s tone as an artist is gloriously sense with cheerfulness, tolerance, humor and freshness which are non attendant from that of his peers and antecedents who are excessively dreamy or excessively genuine to be fascinating. Regardless of his attention to the defilement and distress in the general public of his age, Chaucer is never disturbed or annoying. Nobody can read him without feeling that it respects be alive in this world however blemished may it be in various regards. Chaucer is an incessant positive thinker.

He leaves teaching to Langland and he, himself, calmly coincides with all human blemishes. It doesn’t imply that he is not snide or ironical, yet his mockery and satire are constantly prepared with vivacious humor.

Also at last to quote David Daiches, ‘With Chaucer the English dialect and English writing developed at a bound to full development. No other Middle English scholar has his expertise, his run, his unpredictability, his huge others conscious viewpoint. His supporters need both his specialized splendor and his broadness of vision, abandoning him the one undisputed ace in Medieval English Literature’.

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