Chaucer’s Mock Epic in “Nun’s Priest’s Tale”

According to Aristotle:

“An epic is the  is the tragedy of a conspicuous man, who is included in endeavors occasions and meets an appalling fall by virtue of some lapse of judgment i.e. Hamartia which tosses him from thriving into misfortune; his demise is not crucial.”

Thus, the topic of an epic is excellent and that is the reason it is composed in grandiloquent dialect in gallant couplets. Its style, as well, is excellent. Actually, a counterfeit epic is a parody of an epic. It demonstrates to us that even an unimportant occasion can likewise be dealt with on epical extension.

A counterfeit epic is a scholarly spoof of brave style. It mirrors genuine characters and grave occasions in a comic way. The topic is unimportant and unfit for an epic yet the subject is dressed in the accepted epic style. Case in point, in “The Pious devotee’s Cleric’s Story” the common occasion of taking endlessly of a cockerel is investigated with acclaimed and grave chronicled occasions of the past.

Religious recluse’s Cleric’s Story is a mock epic. The story is conventional and basic. There is a dowager, having two girls. She has cows and sheep as is common with the villagers. She has a rooster and numerous hens. When, a chicken is diverted by a fox however later escapes. Despite the fact that the subject is unimportant, yet this insignificant subject has been commended in light of the fact that fowls have been contributed with the characteristics of scholarly human starts. The rooster and the hen act, talk, contend and behavior like uncommon individuals. We discover the rooster and the hen having educated and philosophical discourse on dreams which later incorporates some imperative issues of human life. This is not in the least a whimsical talk; it is generously learned. They additionally make verifiable references and representations to substantiate their individual perspectives. We scarcely accept that they are fowls. We are constantly helped to remember two savants. Both stick to their own particular perspectives on the truth of dreams and the talk closes in no conclusion. So a creature tale has been raised to the level of a philosophical ballad, having profound considerations and thoughts. The rooster is raised to the status of a saint and, along these lines the story turns into a false epic.

Chaucer’s style in the sonnet is fantastic. He utilizes pretentious words for a paltry subject. For instance, Chanticleer is known as a delicate rooster and his crowing is sweeter than that of whatever viable cockerel. Pertelote, moreover, has the best coloring on her throat and she is called “a reasonable maiden”. She is considerate, watchful, benevolent and helpful. So the depiction of the chicken and the hen is sufficiently funny.

Cleverness is one of the crucial essential of a fake epic and this story is brimming with diversion. A large portion of the comic drama is presented through the incoherence and imbalance between excellent style and paltry subject. The insignificant occasions have been broadened to look grandiose and terrific. Case in point, the fox has been called “The False Killer” and the false dissembler and has been contrasted with different famous scalawags of the past – Judas, Iscariot, Simon, Gauclon, and so on. Moreover, the customary occasion of the taking without end of the chicken has been compared with well-known, chronicled occasions of the past e.g. the catch of Troy, the homicide of Ruler Priam and so forth. The objection and grievance raised by Pertelote at the occasion is louder than the clamor raised by Hasdrubal’s wife at his excruciating passing. The miserable yells of the hens have been related to the woeful grievance, expressed by the legislators’ wives when their spouses were blazed alive by Nero. On the taking without end of the cockerel entire town – individuals also creatures – frantically pursue the fox and there is a stale of confusion as though it is the day of judgment inasmuch as the diverting of the chicken by the fox is not a grave occasion. The deplorable clamor delivered around then has been contrasted and the mayhem made by the parts of the Worker’s Rebellion. The pursuit of the fox is portrayed in an expanded tone.

As vital requirements of an epic and also taunt epic is the good. There might be no fake epic without good. In “Nun’s Priest’s Tale” good is unequivocal and in addition verifiable. In spite of the fact that this story, Chaucer needed to talk about paramount and crucial issues of life, for example, honeyed words fate, the characteristics of a decent man and a decent lady, the way of dreams and incongruity of destiny and so forth.

In short, we can say that “Nun’s Priest’s Tale”” is a satire of an epic in which all the heading epic peculiarities and meetings are gotten association with an extremely frivolous .

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