Chaucer’s Satire and Irony in the Canterbury Tales

Chaucer was a man of catholic (tolerant) soul, so his regular twisted of brain was towards humor, not towards satire. On the off chance that humor is friendly and thoughtful, satire is sharp and biting. Chaucer’s satire is chiefly coordinated against religious corruption. The sarcastic tone is constantly introduce in his characters .

Chaucer’s contemporary William Langland was a fervent comedian against the congregation as a foundation. Anyway Chaucer’s essential point is to give amusement to his followers and not to amend the debasement of his age. A humorist has dependably the plan of showing or disparaging yet Chaucer, however constantly prepared to scrutinize, has no such points. As he takes things tolerantly, in this manner his feedback is both genial and kind-hearted.

A few Expressions Containing Satire

  • The Monk neglected the Biblical decides that seekers are not sacred men.
  • The Friar was the best bum in his locale.
  • The Summoner’s face unnerved the kids.

Chaucer’s Irony

The vast majority of Chaucer’s characters are not what they should be.

Firstly the entire origination of the Prioress is focused around irony. The portrayal of her physical magnificence and dress recommended that she is the courageous woman of some sentiment, however she is a religious figure. The irony is highlighted by the clash in the middle of appearance and reality.

Besides, the Monk, who had forsaken his ministerial obligations, has been unexpectedly displayed as a mate of stallion riding and rabbit chasing.

Thirdly, Chaucer’s irony is clear as can be the point at which he comments that the Lawyer was the busiest man in England. Chaucer’s comments about the Doctor of Physic are just as humorous.

The utilization of the world “Worthy” for the most unworthy characters brings a tickling irony with the exception of the “Worthy” Knight.

Chaucer criticized imprudence and hypocrisy however he was never savage or biting in his disposition. Chaucer’s inclination lay not in the utilization of satire however in the treatment of the sensitive weapon of irony.

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