Code-to-Content Ratio:How to maintain code-to-content ratio?

How to maintain code-to-content ratioCode-to-Content Ratio

Now we will move into more technical terms related to placement of content. Everyone knows what we mean by ratio, it is comparison of one element to another. When we discuss code-to-content ratio, it is the amount of code with respect to the actual viewable amount of content on the webpage.

When we code our webpage, always try to give the search spider/crawler the shortest route to our textual content wherever possible.We should always try to maintain low code-to-content ratio, the reason behind it is that most of the times, the SE crawlers do not crawl the whole page, it generally reads not more than 100 KB of the page.

In the following topic we will discuss various method to lower the code-to-content ratio.

How to maintain code-to-content ratio? 

Now we know what code-to-content ratio is, let us see how to achieve the best code-to-content ratio. When we right click on any web page and select view page source, we can see the exact code and the content of the particular web page.Our aim is to reduce the code wherever possible. Search Engine Crawlers do not crawl javascripts, CSS, animation etc. when we include all these things the code on the page increases.

The javascript code should not be present on the webpage, instead we should create a “.js” file of the script and just call it from the webpage in the head or the body section. This will reduce the code-to-content ratio considerably and also maintain the scripts for the webpage.

CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheets are very popular for improving the looks and adding effects for the webpage. There are three ways we can include CSS and use for the webpage viz, inline css, embedded css and external css. For reducing the code-to-content ratio, external CSS is the best option. External CSS is basically creating a “.css” file and then calling the file from the webpage. CSS is the perfect means of reducing code-to-content ratio, lowering HTML file size and compromising between clean visual design and clean code of spiders.

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