Define Data Processing? How many Levels of Data Processing Life Cycle ?

 Computer NotesDefine Data Processing? How many Levels of Data Processing Life Cycle we have?

OR What are the steps involved in Data Processing Cycles?


Data refers to any unorganized collection of raw facts and figures that can be collected from different sources and from which information created. Data can be Numerical or Non-Numerical.

Example: Number of students in an examination, Name of goods, Addresses of employees, Universities of a country (etc)


Organized and processed data is called information. Information is meaningful and use to take intelligent decisions so that desired results can be generated.


Result analysis of B. COM class, Fee Record of each student (etc)

Difference between Data and Information:

  1. It is a collection of raw facts and figures.
  2. Data is used rarely.
  3. Data has large size.
  4. Data is not available to people for sale.

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