Define Data Processing? How many Levels of Data Processing Life Cycle ?

If you want to calculate the total result of some numerical data instead of using calculator you will use manual calculations to perform desired operation.

Mechanical Data Processing:

In this technique human beings use and control various machines in various combinations to complete their work and to convert their data into information. This method produces better results in quick time than manual data processing.


We can use calculator for our desired calculations instead of manual work.

 Electronic Data Processing (EDP):

Now a day, computer becomes need of every person. Computers are used in this method for data processing. In order to get correct results from computers we must provide correct input to computer. This method is very efficient and having fast processing speed than Manual and Mechanical data processing, so mostly used in these days. Chances of errors can also be reduced by using this technique.


We can perform our desired results very quickly with the help of computer. But we must select right software according to our task. If we want to type an application then we should select Microsoft Word for this purpose. If we use Microsoft Excel for this task then our output will be affected.


In order to provide complete information to the computers and drive accurate results from that information the following steps should be considered

  •  Collection:

First of all raw data should be collected properly without missing anything.

  • Input:

It describes the process of collecting data and getting it, into a form that a computer can understand.

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