Development of Chromatogram in Paper Chromatography

Development of  Chromatogram in Paper Chromatography

There are a number of apparatus designed to carry on paper
chromatography. The following things are taken into consideration:

1. There is sufficient amount of solvent at the bottom of the reservoir.

2. There is proper arrangement so that the paper is freely suspended.

3. It is particularly to be noted that large temperature variations are avoided to the maximum.

The reservoir is made from a variety of materials. The material should be
insoluble in the solvent and for that purpose glass, polythene, stainless steel and
many other materials have been successfully used. The paper may be held in
position by clamps etc.

The choice of the method of development depends upon the class of
compounds to be investigated. The methods are termed as:

1. Ascending
2. Descending
3. Two-dimensional
4. Horizontal or Circular.

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