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Main tasks of operating system are

  • Disk Operations (Storing Programs and data on disk).
  • Network Operations (Sharing of Hardware and Software Resources).
  • Multi-tasking (Many tasks can be handle at same time).
  • Multi-user (Many people can use computer at same time).

Operating Environment:

  • Enable user to communicate with computer.
  • Two common types are
  1. Command-Line Interfaces
  2. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

Command Line Interfaces:

  • Commands are used to perform a task.
  • Can perform only single task at a time.
  • C:\> (Prompt)
  • Every command must be written after Prompt.
  • Not very common used today because it is very difficult to remember commands.

Example: MS-DOS

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Most Common used now a day.
  • Apple Computers introduced first GUI in 1984.
  • Advantages are
  1. User Friendly Multi-tasking
  2. Easy to learn and handle
  3.  No need to Remember Commands
  • A GUI have
  1. Desktop Icons
  2. Taskbar and Start Button Menus
  3. Dialog Boxes
  4. Program Running in Windows

Example: MS-Windows, Linux (Red Hat)

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