Facial Oxygen or Oxygen spa at Home

Oxygen facial






Oxygen facial is useful for skin it evacuates dead cells and open pores. Oxygen facial has a ton of profits it enhances skin composition, enhance hydration levels, skin get unmistakable brilliant and solid. Throughout an oxygen cover facial,the skin feels loose. Oxygen facial diminishes age spot, darkness and wrinkles.


Almonds 4 tbsp

Calcium bentonite (green) clay 1 tbsp

Water 3 tbsp

Rose oil 3 drops

Oats 1/8 cup

Hydrogen peroxide 1 ½ tbsp


In a food processor put oats, almonds powder and clay to make powder. At that point take little bowl include blended powder, water and rose oil and blended it appropriately then include hydrogen peroxide in paste and blend well after few seconds oxygen air pockets will enact and paste will begin bubbling. Apply the cover instantly to your face with brush or hands. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash the veil off. Apply before sun exposure.

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