Features and Themes of Keats’ Poetry

Romanticism fundamentally was a rebellion against the fake, pseudo-classical poetry in eighteenth Century. Wordsworth was the organizer of this development. Romantic artists might be separated into two gatherings – Old Romantics and Young Romantics.  Wordsworth, Coleridge and Scott. Wordsworth, Coleridge and Scott fit in with Early Romantics, while Keats, Shelley, and Byron constitute the Later Romantics. Keats was the last to conceived and first to bite the dust. However shockingly he accomplished in 26 years what other couldn’t get ever the entire of their life. Keats is likewise said to be the most romantic of every last one of romantics. He was significantly roused by Greek workmanship, society and mythology. He was additionally enlivened by Elizabethan writers particularly Spenser.

Keats is an pure romantic artist. He composes poetry for the purpose of poetry. He has confidence in workmanship for craftsmanship’s purpose. He doesn’t compose poetry for any tangible configuration or any promulgation. His significant concern is to give joy. It implies that his boss concern is delight. Inasmuch as some different romantics have been composing poetry for the engendering of their destinations as Wordsworth and Shelley were in the support of French Revolution. In any case Keats is slightest concern with the social issues of life.

Love for nature is basic element of all romantics. Keats additionally loves nature however he loves nature for the purpose of nature. He doesn’t give any hypothesis or philosophy about nature. He just respects the magnificence of nature. However then again, Wordsworth spiritualizes nature, Coleridge discovers some powerful components in nature, Shelley intellectualizes nature and Byron is intrigued by the energetic parts of nature.

Keats doesn’t extend any hypothesis in his poetry. Keats puts stock in Negative Capability – the capacity of being generic. Keats does not include his individual emotions in his poetry. He composes poetry just for delight yet Shelley needs Negative Capability. Shelley loans his particular distress and feeling in his poetry. He couldn’t be unoriginal and expounds on his emotions and distresses.

Keats is a  sensuous artist. It implies that he composes his poetry with his penta faculties. We not just delight in his poetry rather we can taste, touch, see and hear all the thoughts introduced in his poetry. We delight in his poetry with all our penta sense. The entire of our body is included in his poetry when we read him. Keats’ symbolism is static and cement although Shelley’s symbolism is dynamic and theoretical. Keats’ symbolism demonstrates the serenity of Keats’ brain although Shelley’s poetry demonstrates his psychotic and befuddling mentality.

Keats was likewise Hellenistic like all romantics. He was motivated by Hellenism. Hellenism was the spirit of his poetry. There are numerous Hellenistic peculiarities in his poetry, for example, his Greek nature, his love for Greek writing, his love with Greek model and craft, his Greek disposition, his love for magnificence and the touch of passivity and catastrophe. His state of mind of despairing is likewise Hellenism.

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