Fundamentals of C Programming / C Language

= =Equal To
! =Not Equal To
<Less Than
>Greater Than
< =Less Than or Equal To
> =Greater Than or Equal To


Logical Operators:


  • Used to compare two or more conditions.


  • The output of logical expression is True or False.


  • Logical operators are


&&AND Operator
| |OR Operator
!NOT Operator


Truth Table for &&, || and ! Operator


aba && ba || b! a! b


Order of Precedence of Operators:


  • All Multiplication and Division are performed first.
  • All Addition and Subtraction are then performed.


  • If parentheses are used in an expression, then expression in parenthesis are performed first.


  • If parentheses are used within parentheses, the expression, within innermost parentheses will performed first.


  • (e.g.)

(4 – (3*5))+2

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