Geoffrey Chaucer: A Medieval as well as Modern


The Medieval Atmosphere

It was  customary in medieval England to go with arms. The yeoman bears a gay blade while the Miller conveys a sword and a buckler by his side. Indeed the Reeve has with his a corroded cutting edge.

Common individuals’ adoration of music is practically certifiable in that age. The Miller engrosses his allies by playing the bagpipe. The Squire plays on a woodwind while the Friar sings to the backup of a harp. The Pardoner sings—My dear love! Come here to me. Chaucer’s Monk savors a fat swan and the Summoner is attached to solid wine.

All these things are commonly seen in the Medieval Ages.

The Typical Medieval Figures

As a colorist, Chaucer portrays contemporary dresses and behavior.

He tosses on canvas men who fit in with ordinary callings of the Medieval Ages. For example, there are the Yeoman, the Merchant, the Shipman, the Doctor, the Man of Law, the Miller, and the Manciple and so on. The Knight and the Squire fit in with the period of valor and sentiment. Valid for an ordinary medieval friar, Chaucer’s Monk, when he is cloisterless is not a fish that is waterless. The Summoner is an average medieval officer who procures a good looking measure of cash by underhand means.

The Spirit Of  Transition

Chaucer has encapsulated move in the representations of the Knight and the Squire. The knight speaks to the time of valor; the Squire indicates out the development of another sort of gentry. Chaucer has rightly been known as the Evening star of the Medieval day and the Morning star of the Renaissance. He speaks to both the old and the new. His verse engages us even today.


Enthusiasm Toward Man’s Affairs

The primary thing which makes Chaucer a modern artist is not other-common however here common. He records the cement unavoidable issues facing everyone and this world. “The modern viewpoint is described, as Compton Rickett saw, by an eager and dynamic soul which is outsider to the medieval personality.”

Modern Outlook

In the expressions of Cazamian, “Chaucer has a rationality of widespread tolerance and smooth astuteness”. In the Canterbury Tales he has recorded the bad habit and defilement of society with a soul of tolerance and comprehension. Thusly Chaucer moves English verse with a basically modern standpoint towards life, checked by catholicity.

 Great Humorist

One of the qualities that provides for Chaucer’ character their astounding life and realism is his humor. He may be viewed as the first incredible humorist. Humor could be utilized within an expansive and additionally in a constrained sense. In a restricted sense, it implies a delicate jollity. In the more extensive sense, it remains for rowdy humor (fun), learned humor (wit), and sharp humor (satire). Chaucer’s work reflects all these distinctive sorts of humor.


Chaucer confers realism to English verse. There is a next to no of realism in Medieval account before Chaucer. Like Pope and Tennyson, he provides for us a surrounding perspective of his general public and is rightly called the social writer of his age.

Compton Rickett says,

‘Like Shakespeare, he makes it his business in The Canterbury Tales, to paint life as he sees it’

Lasting Appeal Of His Poetry

The Canterbury Tales have lasting freshness and advance. Chaucer’s Canterbury explorers may be perceived in any age. They passed on in fourteenth century yet their partners are even now living in the modern world. It is this force of showing the widespread in the specific which has made Chaucer a writer of the Middle Ages as well as of all times.


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