Glossary of Literary Terms and Devices

Ode: rather long poem written in complex stanzaic form that deals with a speaker’s thoughts and feelings

Poem: arrangement of words in lines having rhythm or a regularly repeated accent, and, often, rhyme; composition in verse, often highly imaginative or emotional, designed to express or convey deep feelings and thoughts

Closed-Form: poetry written in specific and traditional patterns produced through rhyme, meter,line-length, and line groupings

Open-Form: poems that avoid traditional structural patterns, such as rhyme or meter, in favor of other methods of organization

Rhyme: the similarity of final sounds in two or more words

End Rhyme: occurs at the end of a line

Internal Rhyme: occurs within a line of poetry

Rhyme Scheme: pattern of rhyming sounds in a poem, usually indicated by assigning letter of the alphabet to each sound

Rhythm: arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem; when this arrangement assumes a regular pattern, rhythm determines meter

Stanza: a unit of lines of verse that are grouped together by rhyme and/or meter in a poem; the patterns established in the first stanza are usually repeated throughout

Couplet: two successive lines of poetry, usually in the same meter, that rhyme

Heroic Couplet: two successive lines of

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