Google Adsense Approval Tricks You Need to Know

Google Adsense Approval TricksGoogle Adsense Approval Tips 2014

After quite a while, I am going to compose an article about Google Adsense. Lot of beginner’s wanna know that how to get Google Adsense? So I feel that I ought to compose an article that how you can get Google Adsense in 2014.

Really there are a few necessities for Google Adsense. There is no such enchantment stick to get Adsense. You need to satisfy Google necessities overall otherwise Google will never permit you Adsense Account.

Here are some best tips to get Google Adsense account. On the off chance that you are satisfying these prerequisites, then Adsense in your grasp, yet before going to seek Google Adsense, Please must read Adsense program policies first.

1. Traffic

Traffic on your website is extremely fundamental. In the event that you don’t have any visitor, Google won’t permit you Adsense Account. You must have no less than 400-500 visitors for every day and you must have visitors from web crawler / search engine not from facebook, twitter or any other source.

2. Site Material

You ought to have excellent material in text form not image form) on your site which is not copyright. Adsense not permit account on copyright material. So attempt to create amazing substance /content for your blog.

3. Website have 40-50 posts.

You ought to have 40-45 superb articles. Great means articles ought not be copyrighted; articles ought to be generally enhanced, and articles ought to be no less than 400-500 words.

4. Website Age

Adsense approach is that your site ought to be six months old, yet this is not settled period. In the event that you have overall enhanced website and you are getting great traffic, then you can get Adsense before that.

5. Site Conduct

Your site ought to simple to explore and slither. Mean your site ought to be not difficult to investigate for both, client and crawler also. Your website ought not hold malware or hold pop-ups that can bother to client or slither to explore your site. Your webpage ought not redirect clients to unwanted sites and additionally not drive the spectator to download anything.

6. Utilize the Top Level Domain

.Com area name will be more compelling to get Adsense. In any case, domain name not assuming any imperative part, yet business area name is extremely helpful for that.

7. Select Best Hosting

Abstain from utilizing cheap hosting; it will ruin your everything. Pick Hosting like Hosgator, Godaddy, Bluehost, and so on.

8. Don’t Utilize Split Theme

Pick premium theme rather than split. Basically Adsense detests any break thing on your site or site.

9. Important pages, Contact Us page, About Us and Private approach page

Include these three pages; these are vital pages on your site. It will demonstrate that your site is genuine not fake.

10. Unable different Ads

Before going to seek Adsense, Please evacuate the various ads on the off chance that you are utilizing. Simply make a point to Google that your site meets all the necessities for Google Adsense.


Never buy Google Adsense Account from anybody, they individuals are makeing Records with fake ways and sometime your Record will boycott in light of the fact that Google not offering Adsense Account.

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