Home-Made Winter Masks For Face, Lips, Hands and Feet

Winter is slightly coming with its chilled and blasting winds with attracts over hearts yet it is threat for skin there’s lots of skin issues waiting for us in winter they require proper take care to save our skin from skin damages and allergies.In winter they face lot of heat and sun burns. There’s lots of creams available in markets to keep our skin moisturize and healthy but the query is which cream suit your skin type. Hand-made creams and treatments are more beneficial for everyone because these have no side effects.

Winter Skin and Lip Care Tips

Skin Care in Winter

First of all exfoliate is important to get rid of all that dry skin. Apply scrub for fifteen minutes and massage then remove it with cloth to remove dead skin. Good moisturizer will helps you to replenish your skin and generate a barrier between your skin and the wind. Use a winter skin nourishing mask.It’s important to make use of mask in winter to cleanse pores and squeeze all the bad stuff from your pores. Here I am sharing a very simple mask recipe.


  • Banana 1
  • Oatmeal 1 tbsp
  • Honey  2 tbsp

Procedure:  Mix all things and make paste. Apply it on skin for twenty minutes . Wash it off.

Lips Care in Winter

Lips require more care in winters.Winds cracked and chapped them. They ought to make use of  Vaseline on lips in winter because Vaseline will generate a defending barrier for lips and save them from drying .

Winter Mask for Hands and Feet

In winter tricky places of our skin like elbows and knees are mostly avoided which needs deeply nourishing and smoothing.
Here is hand-crafted mask for hands and feet in winter .


  • Vaseline four tbsp
  • Rose water 4 drops
  • Honey one tbsp
  • Almond oil one tbsp

Procedure : Mix all of them apply on the hands before sleeping it will nourish your hands and feet and make them tidy and beautiful.

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