How to Apply Makeup Correctly



How to Apply Makeup Properly and Quickly


Makeup must be applied correctly in order to enhance beauty.There are several steps to applying makeup correctly, but with practice you will be able to do it quite quickly.


  • The first thing you will need to do is apply a concealer. Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation.


  • The concealer can be used to hide the redness of blemishes or the dark circles that are present under the eyes. Make sure that you blend the concealer into your skin so that it is not easily noticeable.


  • You can use your fingers to do this or a makeup sponge. After you have finished applying the concealer you will want to apply your foundation.


  • Your foundation should be one shade darker than your concealer and it should match your skin tone exactly. Start by applying the foundation in dots all over your face.


  • Then blend it into your skin with your fingers or makeup sponge. Your foundation should cover your whole face.


  • After you have applied your foundation, you may want to use a powder that matches your skin color. This powder will make your look be more natural as well as protect your application of foundation and concealer so that it will last longer.


  • The next thing you will need to attend to are your eyebrows. It is best to use powder instead of a pencil if that is possible because it will look more natural.


  • The more natural your makeup looks, the more it will add to your natural beauty. The powder should be applied to your face with a hard, slanted brush though.


  • The eyes are the trickiest part of this process to do correctly. It is likely that is will take some practice in order to get it correct.


  • When you are ready to do your eyes, you should pick three eye shadow colors that complement each other. One color should be light, another medium and another dark.


  • The dark color should only line the edge of the upper eyelid. The light shade should be applied first continuing with the medium and then the dark.


  • The light shade should be used to cover the area from the eyelashes to the eye brow. However, it should not be too thick and you should definitely blend it in with the other colors.


  • The medium shade should be applied along the crease in the eyelid. There are slightly different ways in which you can apply these colors to complement the shape and placement of your eyes.


  • Consider performing a little research to find out what method is best for you to apply these colors. After you apply these colors, it will be time to apply the eyeliner and mascara.


  • The eyeliner should be applied as thin as possible along the edge of the upper eyelid. Before you apply the mascara, you should curl your eye lashes.


  • This will help the mascara frame your eyes better. The eyes are one of the most beautiful things about a person.


  • By framing them, you will be bringing them out so they will make you appear more beautiful. After you apply the mascara, it will be time to apply blush to your cheeks.


  • Then, you will want to carefully choose a lipstick that complements your skin tone and apply it. As you learn how to apply makeup properly it will enhance your beauty.

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