How to Apply Mascara (Step-by-Step Guide )

images (1)Step-By-Step Instructions for Applying Mascara


Many women have in mind that they have knowledge of the secrets to use mascara. Without right teachings, mascara could end up being too clumpy or sparsely applied that it barely looks able to be seen. Move after these simple steps every time you perfectly apply mascara.


Step 1: Curl your lashes


Spend few dollars and buy eye curler. All times have in mind to curl your lashes before you put to use mascara, this will keep your curler clean and your hair edging cover of eye in great form. Simply place your lashes within the curler and get through for five seconds. Begin at the base of your lashes and redo this process several times until you get to the end of your lashes.

Step 2: Define your lash line


You can do this quite easily by using black eye shadow to push your lash line and give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair edging cover of eye.


Step 3: Put Mascara to your Eyelashes

Place your mascara thin rod in a horizontal position from the base of your upper lashes. Move the brush all the way up from the base of the lashes to the tips. Repeat over and over this to make certain that all lashes are covered. Do not apply mascara to your lower lashes. The next step is to place your mascara in an upright position. This lets you to use the mascara by pulling the brush in an upward direction.


Step 4: Comb your lashes using a lash comb


When you are putting mascara, you should have in mind to comb your lashes. Mascara can sometimes clump and you need to remove this. It is recommended to buy a metal comb because it is stronger than other types of brushes.


Step 5: Curl your lashes a second time


Although this step is may be done or not, it is highly recommended because it can make a great difference after applying your mascara. Curl your lashes one more time, but do not use your lash curler. This can help make certain that your long, thick lashes have curve to them all day long.


More Tips and Tricks

  • Do not be in fear of colored mascara. While basic black works well on almost everyone, those with light color hair should take into account using brown. Blue makes your eyes brighten up and purple can really make them be positioned out.
  • Mascara is get attraction to oily eye creams and concealers, so be safe to powder under the eye before putting to use your mascara. This can help put a stop to mascara from smudging under the eyes.
  • Putting to use mascara only to your upper lashes can give you a more very strong (great), dramatic look.
  • Wait at least five seconds before opening and shutting the eyes after putting to use mascara to keep from smudging.
  • All times put to use mascara to clean, dry lashes.


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