How To Check Pure Honey At Home?

how to check purity of honey

 The Dissolving Check : Observe how liquid honey comes down in to a glass of water. Pure honey does not immediately dissolve in water; you will notice that it takes a small work to stir it in the water to dissolve the lumpy bits, whereas honey mixed with sugar tends to dissolve basically. If it is pure, the honey will stick together & sink as a solid lump to the bottom of the glass.

how to check purity of honey in water

The Flame Check :Receive a matchstick & dip the head in honey for about two seconds. Next, try to ignite it from the matchbox. If it ignites, the honey is not mixed with impure substances.


The Absorption Check : Put a drop of honey on sandy ground. If it is 100% honey, the sand won’t absorb it. You may even receive a piece of stick & try to roll it on ground, you will notice that it moves on the ground like a ball.

how to check purity of honey

Receive a lighter as well as a candle with a cotton wick. This check is better in the event you do not have as much honey to spare.
Dip the cotton wick of the candle in to the honey, & shake off any excess.
Try to light the wick. If it burns, then it is pure honey. If it refuses to burn, then the presence of water is not allowing the wick to burn. (If there is only a tiny amount of honey on the wick, though, it might still burn. It will produce a crackling sound, & it would be best to blow out the wick & try it again but using more honey.)

In the event you do not have blotting paper, pour a small little bit of honey on a white cloth, then wash the cloth. If there is a stain left by the honey, it is probably not pure.

Pour a few drops of honey on blotting paper & observe whether it is absorbed. If it is absorbed, the honey is not pure.

I hope these tips are helpful for you! (However, check result are sometimes not that clear because different honey varieties have different viscosity, some are denser & thicker than others.)

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