How to Choose a Good Domain Name :Advanced SEO Tips

 How to Choose a Good Domain NameSelection of Domain Name and URL

Now after researching all our keywords for which we are going to optimize our webpages, the next important step is selection of  URL  i.e. address of your webpage.

• URL containing keywords : Google gives importance to the url’s containing keywords. For example, if our main keyword after the K.E.I. analysis is herbal products, then we should choose URL such that it contains the keyword.

So, for ABC Pharmaceuticals with their main keyword as herbal products, we can look for url’s such as or

• Use of hypens : You might have noticed that we have made use of hypens “-“ , because we want the google crawler to understand the url name and separate the words. Recent research suggests that google’s crawler has started identifying words without hypens also, but it makes no harm to follow the traditional method and use hypens.

But do not over use the hypens, try to keep your url short and do not use more than three hypens as it might look like a spam and it will not be user-friendly also.

 Domain Preference: Domain name plays a big role when you are optimizing your web page for a particular location, for example: if you are optimizing the webpage for audience in united kingdom, then rather than using a “.com” domain, a “” domain will be more preferable as the audience would search for their keywords on Google UK (

So the simple rule to follow here is, try to select a url which contains the keywords. We can us e the same rule while selecting the url name of inner pages.

For example, there is one more keyword like ayurvedic medicines and we have a page on our website containing information about ayurvedic medicines then, the preferred url name for that page will be





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