Tips On How To Write a 5000 Word Essay in One Night

Procrastination still exists because there are people who manage to procrastinate as much as possible, and still end up completing the work before the deadline, why? Because when things need to be done, you go and do them instead of sitting around fretting over them. If you are into online essay writing, you might be a bit too familiar with working too close to the deadline and using smaller words to make a sentence longer so that you can increase the word count. However, if you are a person new to procrastination and have somehow found yourself a night away from the deadline with 5,000 words to write, we’ve got some tips for you.


Don’t Panic

First things first, you should not panic or stress because these two things can severely hamper your productivity and that is something you just cannot afford right now. Stressing can seriously block your mind and you might just end up exerting yourself even more and end up with the less satisfactory output. Instead, relax, take a few deep breaths, and after taking very little time to think about what you are going to write, start writing. You need to ensure that whatever remaining time you have, you dedicate to writing. Not panicking is very important, although many procrastinators are waiting for that final surge of anxiety and stress to really boost their productivity, if you are not a trained procrastinator do not let your stress ruin this for you. You still have a shot, you just need to make the most of every minute that is left.

Do The Math, And Stick To It

You have 5 hours to write, 5000 words, and then you should be writing 1000 words per hour if you are ever going to be able to finish it on time. And in order to write 1000 words per hour, you should be writing 16 to 17 words per minute, see that’s not hard at all. You just have to really focus on the issue at hand and start writing as fast you can. Remember your typing speed is probably more than 16 words per minute, so you’ve got this. Don’t panic, you did the math and it says that you can do this. If you were smart enough to argue with Maths, you really wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place.

Gather Your Stuff In One Place

Take all the stuff you might need from snacks and beverages to pencils and stationary, anything you might need to get through 5 hours of intense writing. You should take it all to your preferred place of work or your work station. A good environment for working is very important at this point, and in order to risk straying everything in one place will keep you focused. This also means that you should gather all the information and research you have done in one place so that you do not have to go back and forth between various programs. We also suggest adding all the relevant tidbits on to one document to avoid that fear of writing on a blank document.

Minimize Distractions

Our phones are the most time consuming wasteful things on us, so make sure to leave your phone in a different room or switch it off completely, and maybe use it as a reward for yourself. If you must, turn off the internet or delete apps from your phone to guarantee productivity. You cannot take chances at the moment, and wasting time is not something you can afford, so leave all your distractions in another room and cut yourself off from the world for those five hours.

Run Like The Wind

When writing, write in flow and don’t look back. Don’t format as you go, focus on meeting your word count first, and then when you are done writing, go back and review. If you try to review as you go along, it will take you longer to meet your word count, and you might become too fatigued to complete your work. So, just go on writing without looking back, and review only when you have met the word count.

Voice Typing Might Help

Every laptop and computer has a voice typing feature that is actually meant for disabled people, but you can use it too. If you get too tired of typing and need to take a walk or stand up, your eyes have started tearing up by looking at the screen for too long, turn on your voice typing feature and dictate what you want to add to your thesis. Voice typing requires some practice, so if you haven’t had the chances to figure it out, don’t waste your time on it. However, it would serve you well to have voice typing set up for future needs.


Procrastinating is really not as rare as you’d think so stop beating yourself up about why you are like this. It is what it is. And while asking writing services to “write an essay for me” that is 5000 word long is perfectly acceptable. If you must do it all yourself, then here are some tips that might help. Panicking will ruin everything, so don’t panic, instead, calm yourself by calculating how much you can do in the remaining time left. Gathering all your stuff in one place and minimizing distractions is another way to guarantee you can complete your work on time and reduce wastage of time. Focus on meeting the word count first and use voice typing if you get too tired or stressed.

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