HTML : Importance of Heading Tags and Bold Tags

Heading Tags and Bold TagsHow to Use Heading Tags to Get More Search Engine Traffic

Heading tags and Bold tag

Heading tags <h1> to <h6> and bold tag <b>. These tags hold a special importance in SEO. Let us understand why?

 Importance of Heading Tags and Bold Tags :

Let us go back to our school days where teacher used to give us the dictation of the notes and whenever a new topic or some important word or line came up, teacher would tell us to underline it or write in bold letters.

So practically all those words which are bold or heading of some paragraph are important and are usually written to catch the eye of the visitor. So when we include our keyword in the heading tag or the bold tag, search engine crawler also realizes that the containing keyword is important and is related to the content of the webpage , thus improving the index of the webpage.

•    Where to use heading and bold tags? :

We cannot use the heading and bold tags everywhere just for the sake of keyword stuffing. We have to maintain the proper looks of the content and also the keyword dilution property in mind. Therefore we should use the heading tags mostly for the header of the paragraph and bold tags for keywords placed specifically in the content.

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