Images for Optimizing a Web Page

Images for Optimizing a Web PageImage Optimization Tips – Image SEO

Yes, images are also very helpful tool in optimizing a webpage.
Images have certain properties such as image name, folder name containing the images and certain attributes like the alternate text attribute (alt) and the title attribute which can be used for optimizing the webpage.

Let us discuss all the above properties now,

•    Image Name : Have you ever tried right clicking on the image of any webpage and viewing the image name. 90% of the times you will come across names such as image.jpg, img-header.jpg, logo.gif etc. These names do not make sense when we are optimizing the webpage. When search engine crawlers goes through the page source, these names will have no influence on it.

Therefore we should always try to name the images in terms of our keywords. For example, ABC Pharmaceuticals have images like logo.jpg, or top-banner.jpg etc, we can name them as herbal-products-logo.jpg and ayurvedic-medicines-banner.jpg respectively. This not only helps including the keyword name in page source but also gives our webpage the chance to appear in the image search for that keyword (Google Images Search).

•    Alt and Title Attributes: We have attributes like alt and title for the <img> tag. As in the anchor text, we can make use of keywords here and also provide additional information about keywords and content of the webpage.

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