Important Applications of Adsorption


Some of the important applications of adsorption are;

(1)The industrial processes like synthesis of ammonia, ethyl alcohol, manufacture of H2SO4 etc. involve the adsorption of the reaction on the surface of the solid catalysts.      .

(2)Softening of hard water by ion exchange method is based on adsorption of cations.

(3)Removable of colouring materials from various types of solutions by charcoal involve adsorption.

(4)Most of the drugs function through adsorption on body tissues.

(5)Tanning of hides, dyeing of fabrics etc. involves adsorption.

(6)The lubricant action of graphite is based on adsorption.

(7)The evaporation of water from a lake can be stopped by depositing monolayer of a suitable substance.

(8)The end-point of the precipitation titrations can be detected by using dyes as adsorption indicators.

(9)The phenomenon of adsorption is employed for the recovery of vitamins and other biological substances.

(10)   Chromatography, which is a useful technique for separating and analyzing minute quantities of various components from a mixture, is based on adsorption.

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