Input Devices -Types of Input Devices

INPUT Devices

  • Accept data / instruction from the user.

Types of Input Devices

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanner
  • Joystick
  • Light Pen
  • Touch Screen
  • Optical Input
  • Audio Input
  • Video Input


  • It is the most common input device.
  • It has many keys on it so that’s why it is called keyboard.
  • It is just like a typewriter.
  • A standard keyboard has following special keys.
  1.     Alphabetic (a…..z) or (A…..Z)
  2.    Numeric Digits (0……….….9)
  3. Functions Keys (F1………F12)
  4. Symbols (+, – , *, @, #, $,)
  5. Special Keys (Enter Backspace, Spacebar, Tab, Escape, Print Screen, and Pause/Break…


  • Also known as pointing device
  • By using mouse we can perform required task in a quick time.
  • It has a rubber ball in its base and two or three buttons on it.
  • It is normally used for
  •  Picking some option
  • Pointing some option
  • Drawing


  • Just like a photocopier
  • Used to capture images but only from paper.
  • Accuracy is much better than video camera.
  • Scanners are widely used to get Drawings, Diagrams and Photographs into computer systems for required task.

Two main types are:

1- Handy Scanner

  • Used in past,
  • Only scan small image,
  • Black & White,
  • Low cost
  • Result is not good.

2- Flat Bed Scanner

  • Used in these days,
  • Colored
  • Expansive than Handy,
  • Good results, Scan full page image.



  • Kind of Input device
  • Used to play only games
  • Work like a mouse or keyboard.


Light Pen

  • Used to write notes or short messages
  • Directly used on screen or on special pad.
  • Also used as pointing device, like a mouse
  • Not used to enter large amount of text.
  • Also use to input signature or messages on graphic images such as a fax

Touch Screen

  • Device that allowing the user to place a fingertip directly on the computer screen to make a selection
  • Commonly used at
  • Fast-food restaurants
  • Departmental stores
  • Drug store
  • Supermarkets etc


Optical Input

Device that can read Numbers, Letters, Special Characters, and Marks

Different Types are

  • OMR(Optical mark recognition) Mark Sensing, Bank cheque,etc
  • OCR(Optical character reader) Light Source sales tags, creditcard slips
  • BCR(Bar code reader) scanned and read, Known as Zebrastrip or UPC

Audio Input

  •  Microphones are used to record speech.
  • It makes communication (Voice chatting and Phone calls) very easy.
  • Microphones are also used in speech recognition (Voice Recognition) programs.
  • In speech recognition programs user can dictate to the computer instead of typing.
  • Translating voice to text using special software.

Video Input

The common video inputs are:

Video camera

  • Used for videoconferencing
  • Attached with PC

Digital camera

  • Work much like as video camera
  • Portable
  • Cost depends on type

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