Internet Browser and Email

  •  Newsgroups are electronic discussion groups through which people can exchange their ideas and information.
  •  Newsgroup articles are stored on a computer called a news server.
  •  To read the articles you need a program called newsreader.
  •  Newsreader shows you a list of current articles in any newsgroups you choose to view.


  •  E-mail stands for “Electronic Mail”.
  •  E-mail is very popular communication tool used to share information among users on internet.
  •  User can Read, Write or Delete E-mail.
  •  User can also attach file with E-mail.
  •  Popular E-mail programs are Microsoft Outlook Outlook Express Eudora Yahoo Hotmail Google (etc.)


  •  We need some language for Communication with others.
  •  Examples are
  • o English
  • o Arabic
  • o French
  • o Urdu (etc)


  •  Computer language is a way of communication between user and computer.
  •  Each language has certain rules called syntax of language.
  •  Two main types are
  1. o Low level language or Machine Language
  2. o Assembly Language or Middle Level Language o High level language or User Level Language

Low Level Languages:

  •  Binary code (0 and 1) is used in these languages.
  •  Also called Machine Language.
  •  These languages are normally used to control hardware.
  •  Advantages are

• Very fast execution speed
• Direct access on hardware

 Disadvantages are

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