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  •  its means Information Hiding.
  •  What data and methods are accessible to other objects?
  •  What data and methods are inaccessible from other objects?


  •  Deriving new class from an existing .
  •  Facility of reusability of the existing software.


  •  An object can perform multiple functions.


  •  Empty classes for future use.

Database Query Languages:

  •  Can be procedural or non-procedural.
  •  These languages are used to fetch data from database.
  •  Most common Database Query Language is Structured Query Language (SQL).


  •  Translate source code into object code as whole.
  •  Saves Compiled file called Object file.
  •  Computer will run object file.
  •  compiler tells about error at time of compilation.
  •  All errors must be removed for successful compilation.
  •  Example C / C++ Language use Compiler.
  • Compiler





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