Introduction to Computers: Hardware and Software

Basic hardware componentsCOMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE:

Computer Hardware:

All parts of a computer which we can See and Touch are called Hardware. OR

All Physical parts of a computer are called computer hardware.


Mouse, CD, Cables, Monitor, Keyboard (etc)

Computer Software:

“Computer programs are called software”. A computer program is a set of instructions to solve a particular problem.

Firmware is the intermediate form between hardware and software, which consists of software embedded in electronic chips.


Ms-Paint, Ms-Excel, Win 98, UNIX (etc)


Software is of two types.

1)   System Software or Operating System:

Collection of operative programs whose purpose is to make the use of computer more effective.

  • Without system software it’s impossible to operate computer.
  • It deals with computer hardware.


Win 98, Win Xp, Ms-DOS, Linux, UNIX (etc)

2)   Application Software or Computer Programs:

  • Fulfill the needs of a user.
  • Such as Typing a Letter, Playing Games, Preparing Payroll.
  • Application software is normally supplied as a package, consisting of the following
  • Examples:

Ms-Paint, Ms-Excel, Internet Explorer (etc)

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